Optimize your mobile marketing with new Device Model targeting!

Platform & Device Targets just got better! Now you can advertise to users on specific types of mobile phones, giving you new opportunities to lift ROI by reaching your exact audience with laser-targeted offers. An innovative way to behavioral target You can infer a lot about a person by the… Continued

Always Be Testing: How To Take Your Campaigns To The Next Level

If you’ve been reading our blog posts on affiliate marketing, you now know how to effectively optimize your account and become a super affiliate. One question still remains– how do you take a perfectly optimized campaign that is consistently doing well from $300 a day, to $500+ a day? First,… Continued

Introducing Platform & Device Targets for laser-focused reach

Advanced Targeting for CPV is now called Platform & Device Targets, which comes with fresh new tools and insights to help you pinpoint the most relevant traffic for your unique offer. Refine your reach to audiences on specific connection types. You can also request access to Carrier Targeting! New volume… Continued

Boost CPV volume and quality with our latest release!

Now it’s easier than ever to add and optimize your CPV targets for maximum success. More impressions, less hassle. New Category Targets are powered by IAB’s content taxonomy, a smart system of categorizing content on the web. By adding these categories to your campaign, you can broadly match sites in… Continued

Refine your campaigns with Advanced Targeting!

Now you can uniquely target users by device, operating system, and browser with Advanced Targeting! Not only will you be able to scale your campaigns smarter, but you’ll also have the tools you need to run a wider variety of offers. Optimize with precision for maximum ROI Use RTX Platform’s… Continued

50onRed Traffic Platform Has Moved To The New RTX Platform

We’re excited to announce that 50onRed’s Traffic Platform has been integrated with RTX Platform, a cutting edge real-time ad exchange connecting thousands of advertisers like you to an exclusive, multi-channel network of top tier publishers. With new channels, sources, and features, our unified buying platform is more powerful than ever… Continued

New To RTX Platform: Optimize ROI With Traffic Channel Performance Reports

With all the excitement surrounding our CPV traffic channels, there’s no better time to release channel performance reports. Now, you can drill down into granular channel data to uncover valuable optimization opportunities! Use your new traffic channel reports to: Measure channel volume, profit, CPA, and more to identify top performers… Continued

New to RTX Platform: Your Favorite Features Just Got Better!

Our team is always innovating. When we aren’t pushing out brand new features for RTX Platform, we’re tweaking existing features to make them better for you. Our most recent batch of feature improvements has something for everyone. Read on for all the details! Size Up Channel Traffic At A Glance… Continued