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Consistent Revenue

Turn your digital property into a constant stream of revenue. Whether you're monetizing a browser extension, website, XML feed, or software, our suite of monetization solutions has the perfect match for your audience.

Supply Side Partnerships

Extension and Toolbar Developers
Ad Networks
Software and App Developers
Website Publishers

Monetization Solutions

Present your audience with compliant, unobtrusive, contextually relevant advertising content that complements their experience while earning you money.

Push Notifications

Revolutionize the way you engage your audience with user-friendly Push ads that captivate users and expand your reach.

Full-Page Advertisements

Display hyper-targeted advertising related to the site the user is browsing, presented in a non-intrusive new browser tab.

Search Advertising

Enhance your users' default new tab with a custom search engine that optimizes search results for the user's location and search query to provide maximum value.

Best in Class Features and Benefits

Industry Leading RPMs

Our relationships with premium advertisers allow publishers like you to lock in top dollar RPMs so you can put more profit into your pocket.

Global Demand

We reach users worldwide to bring you the highest fill rates. Our extensive, global coverage allows us to serve ads wherever your users are located.

Painless Implementation

Start earning with hardly any effort, thanks to our quick and easy setup. Just follow our simple implementation and you're up and running in no time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Measure real-time performance and revenue in our online dash. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you'll always know how much you're earning.

Cross Device Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate our monetization solutions with your digital property, whether your audience is desktop, mobile, or tablet users.

Quality Advertisers

Our advertisers are comprised of over 90% direct relationships, so you can count on premium monetization.

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